CES 2010: Presenting The All New W Phonewatch From Kempler & Strauss

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 (CES), a new gadget has taken the center stage, due to its size and its varied functions that enables the device to work as a watch and a cell phone all at the same time. The all new Kempler & Strauss W “phonewatch”, provides the users with all the primary functions of a watch as well the basic service that a cell phone might provide.

The W pocketwatch is currently compatible with bot AT&T and T-Mobile networks and the process of running the sim is a pretty easy one. All a user has to do is to, open the back of the device, insert the sim card, and the wrist watch is ready to serve you as a futuristic wrist mobile phone too. The downside of this nifty little gadget is that, the W Phonewatch isn’t provided with wifi connectivity and then there is the absence of the 3G support from the phonewatch.

Although, the W Phonewatch is embedded with a microphone and a speaker, Kempler & Strauss, still advise the users to pair the device with a bluetooth accessory for more smoother operations. The watch mode on this new gadget can be easily switched over to the phone mode, with just one touch, thereby providing the users with access to their contact, messages, calendar and calling functions.

Via Wired

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