CES 2010: Horizon Presents The All New Portable Electronic Device Charger

With the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 (CES) in full swing, one of the leading names in fuel cell technologies, Horizon is currently showcasing its latest invention, that of a portable electronic device charger, called miniPAK. This latest device has been designed and developed especially for those users, who are more on the go and need power to run their mobile device and stay connected with the world.

The miniPak can provide adequate amount of power for just about every mobile device that requires 3W of power and that would include mobile phones, gaming devices, GPS handhelds, MP3 players etc. This latest energy provider is composed of a state of the art passive air-breathing fuel cell along with a hydrogen unit and the device is capable of providing upto 2.5W of power via its micro-USB port and cables.

The miniPak potable electronic device charger comes with two solid state hydrogen cartridges, that can be refilled, along with a revolutionary state of the art home refilling station, that has been designed to refill the cartridges effortlessly and that too all in the comfort of one’s home. This unique gadget’s only by product is water vapor and the device slated for a commercial launch later this year.

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