Mercedes-Benz BlitzenBenz Is All About Futurama

And here once again, super car brand Mercedes-Benz puts yet another feather on its cap with the same panache it is best known for! This one is called the Mercedes-Benz BlitzenBenz concept and it is here to provide a glimpse of the future. The raison d’etre is here for all those who can afford it, those rolling in the lap of wealth of course, to have drive of a lifetime.

The thought has been provoked this time by designer George Yoo who dared to go futuristic. Apparently, he sought his inspiration from the original Blitzen-Benz from 1909 and combined that with organic sculptures like trees of various shapes and patterns.

Right now the concept is in the initial stages of testing for cutting edge technology takes a lot of time and dedication. So as of now, all we can say is that this one is intelligent and extremely adaptable. The world of cars is gonna be changed forever – they will be built, maintained, upgraded and recycled like never before! Not to mention the gorgeous colors that we frankly never thought could look so damn good.

Via diseno-art

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