CES 2010: Touch Revolution Unveils Android Washing Machine and Microwave

If you are one among those who disliked Google slowly taking over the world, you would be disappointed to know that a company called Touch Revolution has launched a washing machine and microwave oven which run on Google’s Android.

The gadgets come with touchscreen for which the company had to do no research thanks to Android and since it is developer based, many other things can be performed by the Android powered washing machine and microwave. They apparently performed well, according to Andrew Liszewski, from Oh Gizmo. In fact he saw them load Pandora on the Microwave oven, which is a pretty cool thing to do.

Let us see how far Google is going to dominate us! There was no information about the product’s availability and price, but I am pretty sure it cannot be too much! I would so love to buy a regular washing machine that looks chic an DOES NOT run on Android, for it is getting a bit too much to digest.

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