CES 2010: Smartfish ErgoMotion Keyboard Avoids Repetitive Movement Injuries

There is something really nasty about using keyboards for a very long time, cos they give you the repetitive movement injuries. They render your wrists injured and useless, and you would have to rest for a very long time before you get back to work. Bloggers like us always need to be wary of the fact that repetitive movement injury is a professional hazard for us.

Smartfish ErgoMotion keyboard seems to be a solution, according to Chris Scott Barr from Oh Gizmo, who went to the CES 2010 to cover the event. The keyboard is just as easy as other ergonomic keyboads but it also moves and changes position, as it is divided into two modular parts.

Thus, you can avoid repetitive movement injury and it costs just $149.95, which isn’t a bad deal at all. I would say, just go ahead and get this cool keyboard when you can for your wrists are very important and you gotta take care of them,, if you are in a job that involves continuous usage of keyboards.

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