CES 2010: Magic Kitchen Could Change Our Cooking Spaces

Modular kitchens are not really that, and they have a lot of shortcomings. We have featured a number of kitchen styles that seem to be futuristic, efficient and luxurious. Nevertheless, the future of the kitchen is going to be something else. As revealed at the CES 2010, the Magic Kitchen is a concept that shall soon enter the market and might change the way we perceive our kitchens.

It is a collaborative effort of companies like Whirlpool, Texas Instruments, Verizon, Tyco Electronics, Sensory and many others who formed a group called the Internet Home Alliance. The concept aims to change the ambience and make the kitchen more environmentally friendly and energy efficient by employing LEDs and alternative sources of energy.

Moreover, there would be no clutter and mechanized computers would read out recipes and coffee would be handed out in the morning with a sweet greeting. It would even incorporate gesture recognition, voice recognition and use recorded speech to remind the user if he or she has any reminders set for that particular day. Kitchen would be mechanized but would have a friendly touch to it thanks to the human-machine interaction.

Via: Tech News World

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