CES 2010: AMOLED Laptop with Transperant Screen

CES 2010 certainly has a great many products lined up which are totally cool. However, the event is also seeing a number of inane products which are completely packed with technology, but with a really bad theme. One such product is the new laptop with a transparent AMOLED display. It comes from the group behind OLED display and has a resolution of just 960×540.

It is 38% transparent and I still don’t get the idea of having a transparent screen, unless you want to know what is happening just behind it. Human eyes have enough capacity to see what is happening behind the laptop screen without even having to bend behind the laptop.

Thus, the concept is not only futile but pretty lame. Nevertheless, it looks pretty cool and hip, and f you want to show off in front of high school kids, you might as well get one for yourself. CES 2010 could be a place where you can also find weird and bizarre products that looks chic, this product proves.

Via: Oh Gizmo

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