De Beers Brings Out Body Scanners That Detect The Smallest Of Diamonds

With the recent though failed terror attack on an airplane on Christmas Day in the US has sent a panic wave all across the world. Airport securities have been and are being further tightened to avoid any mishaps of such kind in the future. And with that regard, body scanners will be playing a very important role. Because full body scans are still a very new concept as far as the travel industry goes, there are not many in place as you read this article.

But the diamond industry has been working on developing the scanning technology for years now. After all, diamond smuggling too has been an important issue for the authorities to tackle with. In fact, workers are scanned on regular basis in many mining and polishing facilities.

Dee Beers’ research and development arm, DebTech has just announced the launch of Scannex X-ray body scanner. This machine comes equipped to show even the smallest of diamonds conclealed on someone’s person. The best part about this scan is that it is non-intrusive and takes only 10 seconds to do the job. It would cost around $500,000.

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