Colico Does An LED Job With Asami Light Sofa

There is no strict rule about containing lights to just the walls and ceilings alone. Then why in the world no body thought of this before! We are quite amazed to see waht the Italian company Colico has done with their sofas. For starters, they have LED lit them! This can best be defined as a step that has resulted in a fresh and a whole new look for that otherwise inconspicuous couch lying in your living room.

The same furniture unit has become very stylish and goes by the name Asami Light Sofa complete with contemporary graphics and LED accent lighting. And there is more to meet the eye. A remote control will let you change the color of the LEDs and create an ambience that suits your need of the moment.

The design is modular which can be as big or shapely as you want. And let us assure you, whether the lights are turned on or off, this sofa will be a show stealer always. A great addition to your decor, and might we say one with great timing too!

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