CES 2010: New Luxury Laptop From Asus And Bang & Olufsen

The insatiable appetite for luxury electronics, especially when it comes to PCs and laptops in unfathomable as users are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to get their hands on an elegant blend of style and technology. Keeping this trend alive, Asus, one of the biggest computer manufacturers in the world, has joined hands with Bang & Olufsen, a Danish consumer electronics maker, to develop a stylish state of the art laptop, that will be introduced at the CES 2010.

The all new Asus NX90 is one of the most elegant laptops in the market and sports polished aluminum exterior with a matte black keyboard and dual touch pads. To make the device even more unique, the touch pads are located on either side of the keyboard, as against the conventional ‘wrist rest’ location. The NX90 has been designed by Bang & Olufsen, chief designer, David Lewis and the idea behind the dual touch pads is to provide the users with the freedom of taking complete advantage of Microsoft Windows 7’s multitouch gesture controls.

According to David Lewis,

“The customer wants a bigger laptop good enough to enter the living room and take the central position. The user cares about what he has in his house and does want to have quality items. Also, he may not be afraid to stand out a little from the crowd.”

The Asus NX90, which will cost the consumers, a hefty $2,499 is equally pro-performance as it is gorgeous. The device is powered with Intel’s latest Core i7 processor, with a impressive 18 inch display that provides high definition 1080p crystal clear video experience, along with an in-built GeForce GT 335M graphics card. Furthermore, the NX90 consists of dual hard drives and a Blu-ray drive as well. Although, if you do not wish to spend so much on a laptop, then the NX90 will be available for $1,999, excluding the above mentioned configuration.

Asus has spared no effort in ensuring the users, get the best multimedia experience with the NX90, as the machine sports two vertically mounted speakers, one at either side of the monitor and come with a dedicated power system. The entire audio package has been designed and developed on the Sonic Focus technology, of which Asus is extremely proud of.

Via Cnet.

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