CES 2010: Kodak Slice Is Here To Capture Those Memories Just Like That

One has to give credit to Kodak for pioneering point and shoot camera technology. And the brand has surely not rested on it laurels enough for it is consistently working hard to develop and incorporate the latest happenings in the techie world. Well, can’t blame the folks there for there is Nikon and Canon to catch up with. So to match the touchsceen interface the two companies have excelled in integrating their cameras with, Kodak has come up with Slice.

As cute as the name sounds, this new seemingly typical P&S camera has a 14MP sensor. Of course, the touchscreen interface is pretty much there. This little slice of a gadget will let you shoot 720p 30 FPS video. It also features image stabilization and a lithium ion battery. We do realise that the whole charade is not anything particularly new, but this one is a catch because it is as cute as a button.

The price may be a bit of a hassle for some for its going out for nothing less than $350. Now, that’s a bit high for a casual spending spree but you do get for yourself a personal photo album that will be great to share and relive the memories for your own self. Talk about instant access!

Via crunchgear & kodak

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