An All New Waterproof Case For Amazon Kindle From M-Edge

Ever since the launch of the e-book reader, Kindle by Amazon, the world electronic books has witnessed a dramatic change, as more and more companies are introducing their e-book readers and extremely useful accessories for such devices are flooding the market. The latest and perhaps the most crucial of all, is the water proof case being offered by M-Edge, built specifically for Kindle.
The Guardian Case, has been designed to keep the Kindle absolutely safe from water, which is one of the worst enemies of any electronic device. The all new water proof case is the perfect accessory for Kindle, as then it becomes really easy for users to read their favorite titles at poolside, without having to worry about the Kindle getting wet. The case provides water tight protection to upto 1 meter deep.
The all new Guardian Case is manufactured entirely of molded plastic and provides complete control of the device even with the casing on. The menu, navigation buttons and the keyboard on the Kindle are easily accessible with neatly cut out space provided in the casing. Furthermore, with the casing, the device is able to float in water, thus enabling hands free reading for the users. The Guardian Case will commercially available in Spring 2010 and the users will have six colors to choose from.
According to Patrick Mish (CEO, M-Edge Accessories),
“The Guardian allows Kindle owners to read where they love to read: on vacation, at the pool, in the spa, in the tub. Our customers have been searching for a way to bring eReading to the places they wouldn’t think twice about bringing a book. The Guardian Case provides this flexibility and is a terrific example of how M-Edge continuously works to deliver innovative accessories that meet the needs of readers, no matter where they choose to read.”
Via Digital Trends.

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