Versace Sets New Fashion Trend in Ad Campaigns: Turn the Models Upside Down!

Fashion ads have always tried the most outrageous ways to attract the readers’’ attention. However, the recent trend seems to be arranging the photos upside down so that we would turn the magazine around. While doing so, we may actually be spending more time over the glossy ad, and consequently registering the brand details and the product message in a more reinforcing manner than flipping the page immediately.

It seems to work for Versace has tried it recently too! The latest Versace ad campaign features Simon Nessman dressed in a glamorous shirt and a pair of trousers which reveal a gorgeous tumescence. Now, if you want to take a better look at that, you would turn the page over and notice the little details that the designers have managed to create in the garments.

Thus, the readers’ attention is captured in an almost con manner. Mario Testino, who created this ad campaign certainly knows how to grab the attention of readers who are into fashion, for everyone wants to take a look at the above mentioned tumescence no matter how the magazine has to be turned.

Here is how it would have been if printed in the normal position. Not quite the same, is it?

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