Kimberly Red Is A Pretty & Rare Diamond

In 2008, Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamond tender had a 1.77 carat, radiant-cut, fancy deep purplish-pink diamond that went unsold. And now the very same diamond has been recut and revamped by Scarcelli Diamonds to further manifest the color red. According to gemologist Joshua Sheby, his company saw a lot of potential in the precious ice in spite of its luster. Just that they took a chance with this particular Argyle pink diamond despite the fact that this variety is especially knwon for being rather difficult to cut.

As a result, the 1.61 carat, radiant-cut and purplish-red stone was churned out. And now his estimated worth is $2 million. Imagine, all this was done simply by readjusting certain angles that helped bring out the red component with the aid of fine notching.

The Gemological Institute of America has graded the Argyle Pink Diamond in question and called it the ‘Kimberly Red’. And this upon a stone which further substantiates its worthiness. This one is the only diamond larger than 1.5 carats to be graded by the GIA as fancy purplish red in the past 10 years. It is rare and precious!!!

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