Colourist Jules Standish: Black Makes You Look Old and Wrinkly!

It is quite common for most men and women to wear black during the winter because black somehow makes one feel warmer, or at least it complements the gloom around you. Most of us also feel sexier and more glamorous in black, despite what people say about it.

However, fashionistas and those in the colour business reveal that wearing black could make you look old, accentuate your under eye bags and make you look all wrinkly and introverted. Most of us wear black so that the end result is quite the contrary! Colourist Jules Standish revealed on Daily Mail that black could be the worst disaster ever known to mankind and womankind, for the wearer believes that he or she looks great, but it puts many years on him or her!

Amy Odell, Sharon Clott, Amina Akhtar, and Diana Tsui are all wearing black in New York, but the Brits seem to believe that black is gloomy. As far as I am concerned, I would say black is still fashion’s favourite colour and it would never go out of fashion. Walking around in bright colours on a gloomy day would look plain silly!

Via: NY Mag

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