A Very Unique Settlement For Models & Women Charities

Models are not always on the losing end. And we are not just referring to their weight situation alone. As per the New York Daily, a federal judge has announced that major modeling agencies will share be giving $2 million class-action settlement to five women’s charities including the one that has an eating disorder program. This announcement comes in the wake of the complaint filed by models in 2002 claiming that big companies namely Wilhelmina, Ford and Click fix prices. As a result, these very agencies ended up paying a $21 million settlement to thousands of models, both aspiring and established.

We are told that the settlement was reached in 2005 but the final payouts were delayed because of legal disputes. So once all the models and lawyers were paid, Manhattan Federal Judge Harold Baer said that the remaining $6 million be divided between charities. But the models and lawyers appealed his decision and so the recalculation had $2 million left out.

So in the end, Baer signed $347,826 for Columbia University’s eating disorders program and $173,913 for its heroin detox program. On the other hand, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute will get $86,956 for its “Heart Truth” campaign and New York University School of Medicine will receive $347,826 for two heart research studies aimed at women.

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