2005 Ferrari F1 Car Replica Simulator Thrills

Last month had us talking about an F1 racing simluator that had the strappings of all that we ever desired for in a real life gaming experience. But it turned out to be a damp squib as there were no reports on its commercial purposes. It’s always a bummer to realize that you cannot drive (in a simulator) at a speed of 200 mph. Awww…you must be too down and out being reminded of it all over again. Do not fret for this one is a happy post as we introduce you to a great way to step into Schumacher’s shoes with an F1 simulator.

We are talking about an exact replica of the 2005 Ferrari F1 car which is all geared up to set your pulse racing at a thrilling 200 mph. There’s more. You get to drive around the greatest driving circuits across the world.

There is a 42″ plasma monitor to give you a real life view of the road ahead. The simulator also has a set up of built-in speakers along with air intakes. These work pretty well vis-a-vis co-ordinating the racing action along the two themed race marshals. And in case, the price is too high for you to afford this machine you can always hire it for a day or more.

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