The Vatican Secret Archives Is A Book The Believers & Non-Believers Would Want To Get Their Hands On

The Vatican is a great topic of discussion with believers and non-believers alike. Tonnes have been written about it in books and novels while the film industry never runs short of tales to tell about the same. But this time it is the Vatican who tries to reveal itself in a new book dubbed, The Vatican Secret Archives. This one sprawls across 252 pages and is full of colored pictures that give you chronological tour through the path taken by this branch of Christianity.

So you get to read everything from Liber Diurnus Romanorum Pontificum, which is an ancient book that carries formulas currently in use by the Papal Chancellery and goes back to the 8th century, to letters from Mary Queen of Scots to Pope Sixtus V, from Pius X to Hitler and so on.

Though the regular book is available for common folk like us on for just 100 bucks (USD), the true collectors would like to splurge on the limited edition of 33 which is handbound in the studio of the Vatican Secret Archives. Each book is numbered, stamped and certified and it sells for € 4,950. We also hear that these 33 buyers might just end up getting a unique tour of the Vatican Secret Archives.

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