CES 2010: ZOMM Helps You Not Lose Your Cellphone

CES 2010 is going to be an amazing event and we can expect hundreds of products being launched within a span of 3 or 4 days. It is expected that a cool cellphone leash which would be wireless shall be released at the CES 2010. Now, you might have always lost your cellphone when you went to the restaurant or wherever.

However, thanks to ZOMM, you would get an alarm when you walk too far away from your cellphone. Moreover, it also acts as a minor gadget thanks to which you would not have to remove your cellphone from the bag or wherever else, and would let you make emergency calls. It os expected to cost $79 and could be a great way to take care of your cellphone requirements.

If you get yourself a ZOMM, you could be pretty sure that you would never lose our cellphone, and that you would never have to think of buying cell phones too often. It is not clear what technology i9t would use, but it sure looks like a pretty good deal to me, if you are ready to shell out $79. It is quite annoying to know that your cellphone just went missing.

Via: Techna Bob

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