Zack Stephanchick Designs the Uber-chic Enso Catamaran

Zack Stephanchick has designed a futuristic yacht dubbed the Enso Catamaran. The 140 foot wing sailed Enso Catamaran has an almost post modern shape and design which makes it quite a likely candidate for most design awards.

With such a design, if it ever gets manufactured, you could expect it to be quite feisty and popular with everyone include the rich and the famous. There is no information about how much it might cost but I am sure it would run into millions, looking at the kind of design it has. Zack’s real name is Grørrrkzyngy Aarkaantar and that is quite an exotic name, just like the catamaran is.

I would so love to get it for myself, but I am not sure when or how it would be manufactured and when it would be available commercially. Catamarans are boats that are used and perused in Asiatic islands where the water is plenty and navigation is possible through land rivers and the seas. Nevertheless, you could use catamarans in the West too, as long as there is a navigable body of water.

Via: Gizmodo

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