WaveBox Could Just Be What You Needed for Cooking While Camping

There is nothing better food that you have cooked yourself. You would know the kind of salt and pepper, the spice and the taste to which the food must get cooked. When you are travelling or when you are out on a picnic, these are the luxuries that you may miss. Hence, you could use the $250 WaveBox, which weighs very less and completely portable.

It costs 6.3 kg and truckies, RVers, boat crazy people, and hikers can use the WaveBox. It comes in four colours namely, Pearl, Cherry, Cobalt and Midnight. If you are into camping and going out on hikes, this is a must have as you could eat freshly cooked food instead of building a fire and raising up a smoke, with all the pun intended.

Since the WaveBox is small, it does not need an exceptionally large bag to carry and would not interfere much with your camping activities. You could cook almost anything that you cook in your microwave at home, in the WaveBox. The funny thing is, you will have to carry all the ingredients as well, which is going to increase the weight.

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