Steam Drive Steampunk USB Drive Could Be a Heirloom for Future Gen

Steam engines are part of our heritage and they signified the end of the romantic age and the beginning of the Industrial age. In fact, the romantic age in literature was prompted because of the chugging trains and the steam vapour that they left behind all over the picturesque country side of England. Steam Engines were thought to be ugly and people felt they defaced the beauty of England.

However, now we know that they look much more beautiful than the modern monsters. Interestingly, the Steampunk movement also has a lot to do with the Industrial age and here is a Steam Drive Steampunk USB Drive that brings back the memories of steam engine trains albeit in a modern USB form. It is designed in brass and comes with 16GB flash memory.

It also has an engrave signature of Will Rockwell and is a great gift to buy to commemorate the turn of century yet again. None of us may be alive during 2100, but it still makes me wonder how the life would be in 2100 and it would be a great thing to be able to see what happens then. The Steam Drive costs $600, and could very well be a family heirloom for the generations of 22nd century to come.

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