North Slope Ski Hotel by Michael Jantzen Uses Solar and Wind Energy

Michael Jantzen has designed the North Slope Ski Hotel which makes use of solar and wind energy. Thus it is one of the greenest and most clean hotels ever designed in modern history. It comes with 95 luxury rooms and several entertainment areas.

Thanks to a large flexible PV array, the structure can be covered easily in order to meet with the demands of alternate sources of energy. The wind turbines and the solar cells form the basis of energy for the hotel and many pipes are buried under the lobby of the hotel through which the thermal energy is passed. The design resembles that of an amusement park, with a sliding rock serving as the getaway.

I am not really sure what purpose it serves, but it certainly looks quite post modern. Each room comes with two windows that provide natural sunlight and ventilation. The light, the heat and the fresh air are controlled through the valves which are fit in the windows. Thus, it is a great design for a hotel that subscribes to the current definition of a sustainable commercial building.

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