Glass of Milk LED Night Lamp Tricks your Eyes

They say, drinking milk is good for health and most importantly that it puts you to sleep. While I agree with the former and the latter, there is medical evidence to prove apparently, that warm milk can actually put insomniacs to sleep. If you are an insomniac like me, you would know that the claim is nothing better than an old wives tale.

Since the glass of milk can’t really put us insomniac’s to sleep, why not take a lamp and begin to read a book? Or how about lighting a dim LED lamp and have some great steamy moments with your guy? Well, you could do all that and more with this Glass of Milk LED Night Light, which gives you enough light to see what is going around, and yet isn’t bright enough to scorch your eyes.

It costs $11.50 and can be switched off by turning it upside down or using the switch at the bottom. Of course, the Glass of Milk LED Night Lamp can also be used while you are sleeping, if you like some light switched on when you are sleeping, and if you are afraid of the dark. Can we have glasses that contain blood instead of milk?

Via: 7 Gadgets

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