Custom Made Vintage Go-karts for Sale!

A couple of decades ago, Go-Karting was one of the cooler things to do, but the technology has changed so much. These days, one could actually do things that are far more exciting than riding along the tracks in a toy. Nevertheless, Go-karting is still very popular and you could find loads of karting tracks all over the world, and it can be quite a fun activity. If you have a house that is large enough, you could create tracks right in the garden and buy a Go-kart in order to drive around and have fun. Here is what you could actually do: buy this vintage looking custom go-kart that comes with a gas powered engine.

The 8HP Briggs & Stratton electric start motor adds to the power of the vehicle, and with candy red ghost flames, you sure ca set your garden on fire! Some of the other features are headlights, tail lights, side mirrors and functional dual exhausts. The Go-kart costs $4,500 and is a great thing to purchase, since it is not that expensive either. Of course, the neighbors may complain when it gets noisy!


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  • Go Kart Works can customize your new car or truck for individual fun, business, promotions or parades, advertising or demonstrations.

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