Korean Artists Have Their Own Art Show

The Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea has gone itself into a new business cum artistic association with Jingsheng Investment Company. Well, this famous firm hs joined hands with the one of the most isolated dictatorships in the world to work together on a show that will sell some 90 spectacular paintings at various art galleries in Beijing.

We must add that 60 of these paintings have been done in oil while the remaining 30 bear the imprint of the traditional Korean ink style. All these will be rotated through the gallery eventually to be sold.

What unifies this show is that fact that all these works have been done by real skilled artists in North Korea. Plus the DPRK’s Ministry of Culture is backing the arty farty venture. Since it is difficult to get information from across the border, we do not really know the exact origins of the pieces and even the details of the artists are unknown. But Li Xuemei, director of exhibit, says that all the artworks are authentic. Most of the pieces bearing titles like the “People’s Artists” and “Merit Artists”. Most represent gorgeous landscapes and modern life. You might think that these aren’t as exciting when compared to the contemporary pieces at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, but these are very powerful in their own way!

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