Piaggio Aero Announces Something Wondrous

Piaggio Aero, makers of the P. 180 Avanti II have always been quite elusive. It was always difficult to find their service centres and now they have added 3 new service centres in Ft. Lauderdale, Toronto and Montreal. Thanks to P. 180 Avanti II’s popularity, the company is growing at a breakneck speed.

Thanks to its Italian stylish and fuel efficiency, many people have attempted to purchase the P. 180 Avanti II. It is also the fastest turbopop aircraft and can seat nine people. If you stay on an island in the Caribbean, this would be a great way to get around, and to hop from one island to the other. There is nothing better than a P. 180 Avanti II to fly and there couldn’t be a reason for you to not purchase this, if you have the kind of money.

The service centres are expected to open in 2010 and I am sure many people wouldn’t need to visit the centres often anyway, thanks to the high quality of the P. 180 Avanti II. The sleek design makes the aircraft even more attractive, and many businessmen would be interested in it.

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