Maui Custom Suites Give You The Luxury You Always Needed That Too On The Go!

It’s always a pleasure to have things on the go. The uncertain way of life does have its own perks. To us, it packs in a heavy duty kick and we are sure it does for most of you out there too. So, when you are looking for some luxury when roughing it out on the road, get hold of the Maui Custom Suites. This ons is a 615 square foot hotel and hospitality suite that will be at your beck and call. The unit has been designed and made functional enough to provide a state of art mobile hotel accomodations with several attractions.

Each of the mobile hotel suite comes has been custom designed for its intended use. This means that the Maui Custom Suites can be used as a Single Mobile Hotel Suite complete with its full kitchen, bath, laundry and living space. All this for a long term usage as well as remote stays. It can also function as a Traveling Hospitality Suite with amenities like a full lounge, game room and bar. Then there is option of it becoming a Sleeper Hotel that is large enough for 12 people.

Each suite come with on-site attendard who will take care of all your needs as well as housekeeping, running errands and catering meals. All this comes at a hefty cost.

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