Helex I-Vision Fireplace Packs In A Cool HD TV

Innovations in fireplace come and go. They indeed impress but the impression isn’t really a lasting one considering how the tastes of the I-generation keep changing with the phases of the moon and the demands going higher up. In the recent past, we have reported a whole range of great fireplace options like the Biokominki, CalSpas and Cupola among many others. They were good, stylish, effective, great too look at and even eco-friendly. However, they did not have a TV to integrated in its structure.

Take a dekko at I-Vision and you will know just what’s on our mind. This functional artefact for your home comes from Dutch fireplace manufacturer Helex. And it’s highpoint is the wondeful blend of a flat-screen TV with a modern vision of a fireplace. This facility is among the Helex I-Frame series. We are told that it carries a specially developed Full HD TV that goes poof (we imply ‘disappear’ by that) in the fireplace breast and can be covered with a fine glass panel.

Not just that. Helex is also giving you a chance to customize your TV set-up with all the cool technical specs like DVD/Blu-ray, PlayStation and other gaming consoles. The glas panel also comes in the color black.

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  • Great inside story and the fireplace is also used beautifully. I-generation fireplace, have to say. It’s made up advanced technology as well.

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