Arnaud Anseeuw Looks On To The Future Of Superyachts

Arnaud Anseeuw is a world renowned designer who aims at giving you a taste of adventure with a whole dollop of luxury punch packed in with it. We have in mind, a 91-meter superyacht concept which will take you to a new level of sea travel. Dubbed the AA, this futuristic project will offer you a lifetime of tranquility across the crystal blue waters.

Experts are referring to Arnaud’s thought process with regard to AA as an “ultra contemporary” one. This is indeed a superyacht you must look out for in the future for it comes with a heady mix of advanced technologies and aerospace developments.

A fuel cell propulsion allows the AA to have a satellite of it own. This helps create a personal network between a fleet of yachts. There is space enough to entertain 12 guests and a communal swimming pool on the main deck. But the owner earns himself a private pool with sunbathin space. The picture does sound exciting in our heads. We can actually see potential investors lining up in front of Arnaud’s house.

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