Triton Does Not Have Front Brakes For That Break Free Feel

Motorbikes are much more than just about drop dead hot macho looks. One has to also pay attetion to comfort, speed control and safety both while making one as well as when buying one. Folks at CP Project One realise so better than so many others. In fact, all their creations are as much a delight to build as they are to ride. Their latest offering dubbed Triton is actually nothing short of an ideal dream for the bike enthusiasts out there.

This one is an inimitable mobike that is greatly influenced by the comic culture. It makes use of a Norton featherbed frame atop a Triumph 750 Bonneville engine. All the credit goes to French designers Frank Charriaut and Vincent Prat from Southsiders MC. But they share that it actually was Daniel Delfour who could execute their ideas so well.

What is considered to be the most amazing part of the bike, Delfour decided to do away with the front brakes because they wanted to make their creation free of all rules. Do not fret, we are quite sure this one is safe. Quite a beast this one is!

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