Automatic Ambient Umbrella: A Cool Device to Protect Yourself from Rain

If you are the kind of person who always liked to go out when it rains hard, just to prove a point, you might have realized that it takes a lot of guts to do so. Firstly, you can’t really tell how severe the storm is going to be, and also you can’t judge if your umbrella can withstand the severity of the winds.

Here is a cool umbrella which costs $129, and that not only warns you when a rainstorm is approaching, but also tells you if you need to be worried about snow, wind or just drizzle. Particular and pre-defined lights light up when the weather is going to change and thus you would know if you need to open the umbrella. Also, it stays string even under severe and strong wind conditions and will not turn inside out. The Automatic Ambient Umbrella rocks!

Thus, it is a functional and sleek looking umbrella which is a little expensive. It comes with stylish LED lights that make things a lot easier for people like us, who are worried about looks and style. Moreover, the LED lights consume less power and hence it is quite energy efficient too. I would love to get this product for myself, and I just might!

Via: technabob

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