Avrak Unveils Fatrak: A Cool A/V Rack System

Avrak has unveiled a really cool rotating audio video rack hurriedly named Fatrak. It can be pulled out on a carriage and it rotates 360 degrees, and is amazingly made of aluminium which adds to the durability and style of the model. It is similar to many other A/V racks but there is something really musical and cool about the Fatrak which makes it special enough to consider buying it.

The black anodized panels give an amazingly cool look to your room and you could be sure of attracting complements from those who visit your house. There are a number of customization options and you could contact them for further details. I would love to get one for myself and make sure that there is enough video and audio to spend a couple of decades without stepping out!

Jokes aside, it looks simple, aesthetic and well designed. Moreover, it is also functional and if you are looking for something that tells people how you actually lead your life, you might perhaps get something that defines your lifestyle! The Fatrak is a must have for all the music lovers and no one can possibly deny its attractive looks and functionally awesome design.

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