Pharos Marine Is A Luxury That The Egyptian Kings Missed Out On

Pharos Marine, as the name suggests, this deisgn studio does come from the land of the pharoahs and the pyramids that the entire world has been so charmed by since ages. And now this organisation has discussed its plans of creating an all new 60 meter superyacht that mankind will learn to know as the Orcageno. Do not fret, this one will not be housing remains of any of the dead Egyptian kings. The reason it is creating so much buzz is the fact that it is eco-friendly because of running on a hydrogen diesel-electric system.

There is a rather advanced slender hull form with an axe bow in the superyacht that offers a lower resistance due to a low angle of entrance. An extremely useful sea-keeping technique indeed. A range if 13,000 nautical miles can be achieved by the Orcageno. It also has very high safety standards to match which work great even in unfailing conditions during loading and consumption of hydrogen fuel.

Again, the Orcageno has a system that ensures safety at all times. It is ashutdown emergency system which comes into action just in case any hydrogen gas leakage occurs. While working on hydrogen mode, it can reach more than 3,500 nautical miles keeping a speed of 10 knots. It is capable of coming to 1,800 nautical miles keeping a speed of 18 knots.

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