Exousia 24K Gold Water: A Great Way to Spend Money

How could you throw away the money that came easily to you? There are a million ways to spend that extra million bucks stashed in some bank. To help people spend money in the most extravagant and squandrous ways is the reason I have chosen this profession. So, one of the ways to throw away your money is to purchase the Exousia Luxury Water.

Of course, the name implies that it is going to cost hundreds or thousands of times more than your average bottle of water. It comes with properties of gold that have been derived from 24 karat gold. Apparently it even comes with anti ageing and anti stress elements, and would keep your skin and hair glowing and young.

I am not really sure if these claims can be supported, but it sure would be an innovative way to spend money, to buy the elixir of life which is plain water. While water can be bought for less than a dollar, you could buy the exclusive Exousia 24K gold Water and make a long lasting social impression, which proves the hypothesis that water indeed is precious and it needs to be treated like it is precious! A metaphorical product, I must say.

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  • Since gold is already an atomic element, which means that it can’t be mechanically or chemically reduced any further, it is impossible to derive anything from it, such as ‘anti-stress and anti-aging elements.’

    Anyone who spends $24,000 on a bottle of water does so to impress others with their conspicuous consumption, unless they’re dying of thirst. But if someone spends $24,000 on Exousia 24K gold mineral water because they believe the ad copy, they’re displaying something other than their conspicuous consumption–their ignorance of science facts taught in middle school.

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