EuroCave’s V292 Wine Cooler Matures Wine At Your Terms & Conditions

To enjoy wine most you have to savor it, sip by sip. Gulping it down doesn’t really do justice to the liquor, especially when it is a highly mature one (and naturally, an expensive one too). And it definitely does not deserve to be stored in just any wine cooler but the all new V292. The name does sound a bit too technical but this latest offering from EuroCave comes with a patented Néofresh technology that is just perfect for an ideal aging solution. And mind you, we are thinking real big here. How does 211 bottles sound to you?

The V292 wine cooler is sleek with a very clean and uncomplicated design. Plus it comes equipped with a unique technology that also supports the option of controlling the wine storage environment. Voila, that never really happened before.

A very amazing addition to your house, this wine maturing cooler features 14 sliding shelves. And that is just the start for there is also a removable evaporator along with touch sensitive controls and a frameless impenetrable light black glass door or should we say the UV screened frame glass door! The price tag reads $4,800.

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