Elite Estate: Maison JSK, A Concept Luxury Store

Australia and the rest of the Asia Pacific lack the kind of luxury markets found in Western Europe. Moreover, there are hardly any real luxury malls or stores, which can compete with the department stores of Mila or Paris. Thus, the Maison JSK is a unique concept store that aims to cater to everything that is luxurious.

Luxury is always relative and in Asia Pacific, it is regarded with two aspects, the exterior face and the moral face, and in Chinese, they are called Mien Tzu and Lien. The exterior face consumes luxurious products in order to climb up the social order, while the Lien climbs up the spiritual ladder. Thus, the Maison JSK is a unique luxury store concept which brings luxury and spirituality together.

By saying spirituality, I guess they mean spa-treatments and aromatherapy which alter your state of mind and keep you calm and composed. The idea is to incorporate spa, shopping and eating into one space that is really luxurious. It is an interesting concept I must say, but confusing luxury and spirituality (which is not something that actually exists in real) is kinda off-putting.

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  • “…but confusing luxury and spirituality (which is not something that actually exists in real) is kinda off-putting.”

    Really? Well in my mind, luxury and spirituality have always been linked. Apart from palaces, religious and spiritual buildings (churches, temples) are always considered luxurious in their time. Think of all those Buddhist temples with gold Buddha statues, precious tapestries…and not to mention their massive size.

    Also, people who believe in God (not just the Christian God) or the higher spirits generally believe that God is in everything, and is everywhere. It is in every part of their lives. In every object. So I don’t see why luxury can’t represent spirituality. I don’t think is fair to say that Maison JSK is confusing luxury with spirituality.


  • Just a thought.. Spas originally originate with the idea of renewal of mind, body and spirit.. dont they? and in todays world, spa is associated with it being a luxury treatment. It is the experience that is considered luxurious.. so i do think luxury and spirituality have some what connection, because purification of the mind..body and spirit is an inatangible thing that can only be experienced through the experience that is also quite a luxury on its own! just my two cents!:)

  • Hi there,

    Hey this luxury store is quite expensive… I want to go for a cheap online store


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