BUBEN&ZÖRWEG Unveils X-007: A Dashing Storehouse of Wealth

BUBEN&ZÖRWEG is well known for their luxury watches, and they come from the land of Swiss cheese and mountains. The Swiss company has unveiled a safe chest which is so luxurious that you would be hard pressed to think that the safe itself is more valuable than what you might want to safeguard in it. BUBEN&ZÖRWEG calls it the X-007 and it was unveiled at the Timeless Gallery in Singapore.

It comes with high-end craftsmenship and because of its strange and rare design; it stands out from the rest of the safes and chest. It opens upwards and comes with luxurious inner line of hand sewn Italian leather with high gloss lacquered macassar inlay. Thanks to the hand polished stainless steel, you could be sure that you are having the best deal that money could buy you.

The high security features make it almost indestructible and you could safeguard your documents, your jewellery and also other important things that are of top secret nature. The safe looks more artistic than something that has got to do with precision engineering, and that is where its beauty and magic lie.

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