BGM Project Designs Avant-garde Clock

BGM Project has designed a really avant-garde clock which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The clock has no numbers or hands, and instead it comes with scenes from daily life and the time is indicated by 3 characters. The hour is indicated by the grandmother, the minute is indicated by the grandchild and the seconds are indicated by the dog. The numerals are replaced with situations from everyday life.

Each of the characters move through these times to represent time in a unique way which actually can spin a story, if you are artistic minded. The clock is really avant-garde and you may need some time to understand the way t works, for most people will not be able to tell the time immediately after looking at the clock.

It would make a great gift, and if gifts are what you are looking for, you really should go ahead and buy this. There is no information about the availability or the price, but you could contact the designers at BGM project, and request for information. I would love to get this cool clock for myself, if only I could.

Via: Design Boom

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