1913 Liberty Head Nickel To Change Hands Again

The picture above features the 1913 Liberty Head nickel and might we add that this rather rare U.S. coin has quite an interesting story to share. Let’s start from the beginning, being one of the only five known of that specific date and design. Apparently, it was King Farouk of Egypt who owned it for a while and folks even got to catch a glimpse of on the episode ‘Hawaii Five-O’. We think it was ‘The $100,000 Nickel’ that they talked about so much in the 1973 show.

Come 1978, and the coin changed hands. A Los Angeles Lakes owner Dr. Jerry Buss paid some $200,000 for the coin. Since then, it has gone to several different owners from time to time. And now it readies to get auctioned for yet another time.

The big sale is scheduled for January 6 next year by Heritage Auctions in Orlando. They are expecting to cross the $3 million bar this time. And we do not have to tell you that the coin is rare because the 1913 nickel depicts a Native American on the “head’s” side. This was made secretly and then sold to collectors.

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