WHy Yacht, or an Island, When You Can Have Them Both?

How would you like to have an island of your own? I know it is a crazy and pompous idea, but many celebrities and bigwigs already have their own islands. However, it is difficult to maintain these islands and moreover they are stationary, which means once you buy an island, you are pretty much stuck to it.

Thus, Wally and Hermès have come up with the idea of creating a yacht that is almost a island with all the features and yet comes with the convenience of mobility that yachts are supposed to come with. The Wally Hermès WHY Yacht is an amazing concept which shall soon be turned into reality. It would come with a 200 square meter master suit and many other features.

They include a screening room, music room, open dining room,25m pool around the helipad, green features, 25 meter-wide terrace, five guest suites, a 30 meter “beach” on the ocean-accessible stern, and many green features as well. The highlight of the yacht is the 900 square meters of solar panels, and a diesel-electric propulsion system which help you save more than 200 tons of diesel in a year. The price is yet to be announced, but expect it to be in millions.

Via: Uncrate

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