Edmar Brusque Designs Modular Stairs for Sand Dunes

Edmar Brusque is a designer from Florianopolis in Brazil. It may sound rather weird to think that a designer from a country that is so full of greenery has chosen to design something that has got to do with sand dunes. It is a well known fact that while sandboarding is a fun and thrilling sport, climbing up the dune in order to take the board down the dune is a tiring task.

Sand dunes weigh you down when you try to climb up them, though while coming down the dune while sandboarding can be an extremely fast and adrenalin pumping task. Thus, Edmar Brusque has designed Modular Stairs for dunes thanks to which you can easily climb up a dune just as you would climb the stairs to your apartment. It can be moved, disassembled, and can prove to be a boon to most sandboarders.

It would cost about $5,000 for about 60 meters of stairs, which is pretty affordable for those into sandboarding. If the sandboarding inst8iitute invests in such a Modular Stairs for Dunes, it would actually attract more people who hate climbing up the dunes, as it makes their sandboarding a really easy fun and adrenalin pumping sport and not a tiring task.

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