Mon Precious Nectar Fountain Imperiale Is A Whole Litre Of Rare Perfume

Those who enjoy pampering their olfactory senses and those of others with the finest of scents and perfumes should definitely indulge in limited edition Mon Precious Nectar Fountain Imperiale. Apparently, now is time when this rare and extremely expensive fragrance is up for grabs (only if $9,000 do not mean so much to you).

Before you get turned off by the price tag let us tell you that this one is not one if those vial perfumes with an unjustified super expensive price range. You get every bit the worth of you money with Mon Precious Nectar Fountain Imperiale as it is a full fountain of the sweet aroma.

Yep, we are talking about one litre of the precious nectar aka “Precieux Nectar” which has a heady mix of subtle hints of fruity, musky and floral smells. The bottle is equally exquisite. It is crafted in crystal with a shape reminiscent of a column. You can also spot a honeybee engraving as well as the emblem of Guerlain in the middle of of its stopper.

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