Wheel-Skates Are The Start Of A New Sporting Regime

Those fans of athletics will be quite gung-ho about hearing what we have to say about an all new skating product called Wheel-skates. This original and novel idea combines the workings of two sports – skiing and cycling – to create a new genre of its own. Apparently, 5.5 pounds of carbon fiber has been used to craft the knee-length fine quality wheel (which about half or less than the amount of carbon used in road bike wheels) for your foot to be trapped in such that it remains suspended a little below the axle.

Expected to hit only by June next year, the Wheel-Skates remind one of a chariot. The ergonomic design and the latest engineering technology helps it gain momentum with less effort while maintaining a greater bit of stability and sturdier maneuverability. These qualities make it just right for the slightly rough terrains and grassy slopes.

As of now the chariot in reference is still in testing phase but we can see that this one is the start of an all new sporting feat altogether. No word on the pricing yet but be sure of one thing that being carbon fiber, it will set you a couple of thousand dollars back.

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