Victor Paris: The Most Luxurious Toy which Replaces the Boy

When there is no boy around to please you, you would need to buy a toy for yourself. Now, if you are rich and have been buying things that are made from gold or diamond, why should you settle for anything less when it comes to sex toys?

Here is the most luxurious and opulent sex toy ever, and it comes from the house of Victor Paris. It is an intimate object of pleasure and is an exclusively bold and solid gold object. It is made of 142 grams of white, yellow, rose and black gold. If you choose, you can decorate it with diamonds too and there would also be custom made diamond rings, which can be removed before the play.

I am not sure if it gives the same warmth the real thing gives, but of course there is nothing better than a toy when the boy is not around. The prices for these exclusive sex toys begin from $58,000 and I am sure you would love to get one for yourself no matter what. I would say, it is a must have for every person who misses the shaft when there is no person nearby. Moreover, these toys are known to be therapeutic in nature.
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