Tandem Bicycle Project: Who Would You Ride This With?

There is something really pink about bicycles. Most gay guys love to ride cycles no matter where they stay. The pink community has always been into environmental conservation and green technology, for a long time and no wonder they should also be riding bicycles more often than straight people do.

Be it Scotland, Folsom Street in San Francisco, or the LGBT neighbourhoods in Amsterdam or Paris, they always find a good reason to cycle and conserve youth and energy. Here is a cool bike which mountaineer and hobbyist Corbin Dunn has designed. If you take a look at the video where his friend Jason and he ride the bike, it would seem to look pretty pink in fact!

The bike comes with two sets of pedals, so the guys can help each other cruise around the places. I must say, it is a pretty funny way to travel with another (or girl, if you prefer so). There is no information about the Tandem Bicycle Project but I must say it looks pretty cool and if I could get one, I really would. Would you have ridden a bike like this if you could, and if you actually could who would you have made your bicycle partner?

Via: Makezine

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