World’s Thinnest HTPC Can Be Hidden Behind Your TV!

If you were the kind of person who wanted to watch amazing HD videos on TV rather than on the monitor, you might not be the only one. It can get awfully annoying when you want to watch something really cool, but cannot watch it on the larger and better screen of yours. Here is a cool HTPC which can be used in your living room without doing damage to your interiors.

The PiixL have unveiled the cool new HTPC called EdgeCenter 3770, which is really thin and can be hung to the back of your computer. It is also the world’s thinnest fully powered PC ever created. The HTPC comes with a Blu-ray player, four USB ports, flash memory reader, 2.5 inch external hard drive among many other things.

It can be fit behind any T that is 37 inches or larger. You could go ahead and connect it using the VESA mount hole that is usually built-in. The EdgeCenter 3770 costs $4,380 and is a great value for money. I would say, do not even wait and just go ahead and purchase it for you can watch all the amazing videos on a large screen TV instead of peering through the monitor and getting annoyed.

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