MASA Is Not A Bottle Of Wine But That Of A Fine & Rare Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea have been talked about a lot since god knows when. In fact, its immense popularity even in non-Japanese areas is quite impressive. And now we discover that there is a tea company in Japan which is all set to revolutionise this health drink a bit more by selling a bottle of green tea called MASA for nothing less than $2,500. Boy, now that is sure a big touch of luxury.

From what we gather, the green tea will be sold in bottles that will remind you of wine bottles. Plus the company is planning of making this a strict limited edition for only 100 bottles of these will actually hit the markets.

If you are still quite in a state of shock because of the high price. let us tell you that the rarest of tea leaves have been hand picked from Shizouka Prefecture that are infused for three days without the aid of any additives. Everything is natural. So, we are wondering if folks don’t mind splurging on quality wines, then there is a very rare chance that they will think twice before buying this exquisite green tea bottle. The women would really appreciate the change in luxury liquor, if your ask us.

Via egenki, dailyfork & apr-inc

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