Land Rover Gear Features Mulholland Bag and More

You might be familiar with the Mulholland Drive in Hollywood, but there is also something more exclusive than the famous road itself. The Mulholland name is almost synonymous with high quality leather goods, and luxurious leather products. This time around, they have teamed up with Land Rover and have both unveiled the Land Rover GEAR catalogue which includes a bike that moves through the snow without wheels, a Mulholland luggage bag and a sterling silver bracelet.

They have been launched just in time for the holiday season and the road bike is amazingly cool. It moves on a flat base and uses gravity to propel itself. Thanks to a rubber saddle, there is no pressure on knees, hips or ankles. Christened the Snowbike, it costs $1,699 and it is a great way to travel thorough snow and enjoy the beauty of snow.

The Mulholland Safari Bag costs $875 and is thoroughly functional and stylish. The Land Rover ID bracelet is made of solid, brushed sterling silver. It comes with the Land Rover ID engraved on it and costs $1,025. The Land Rover lifestyle range also includes other cool products like Land Rover Sonim Phone-Sturdy, waterproof phone, plush toys, Radio controlled Land Rover LR2, gift baskets and more.



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