Doppelganger Robots May Not Foresee Your Death!

Ever wanted to have a doppelganger, and the fear your own death? The legends have it that once you see a doppelganger of yourself, you would die in the same situation you found your doppelganger in. for example, if you saw a doppelganger of yourself who looks like he or she has been drowned, that means you are going to die by drowning.

Or perhaps you remember the humanoid doppelganger of Shirley Manson, in the James Bond soundtrack “The World is Not Enough”, in which the doppelganger kills the real Shirley Manson before blowing up the world. If these stories amazed you, and you always wanted a doppelganger for yourself, here is one by Japanese departmental store Sogo & Seibu. They will sell 2 humanoid robots which would look just like the people who purchase them. They would come with the same hairstyle, voice, facial expression, eyes, and even skin!

This would make them identical replicas. I am not sure if these humanoid doppelganger robots have a mind of their own, and if they did I would say they would cost much more than the quoted price of $223,000. The robot can even speak like you, thanks to the recordings of your voice,. It would be available at the Sogo, Seibu and Robinson department stores. Go ahead and scare your friends with your own doppelganger robot!

Via: Pink Tentacle

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